Credit Card Signal Shields

Credit Card Signal Shields
▪ Simple. Easy to Use. Durable
▪ No batteries/ No charging
▪ Waterproof, no need to worry about it getting liquid damaged
▪ Easy to carry / Fits in any wallet or money clip
▪ Protects your smart cards instantly from electronic pickpockets (RFID Hacker’s)
▪ Have confidence in knowing your debit, credit card and personal information is safe!

$3.00 Including Sales Tax


Credit Card Signal Shields

RFID Hackers can now walk past you and steal your credit/debit card numbers without touching you or your wallet, by using inexpensive RFID scanners or a cell phone. This new crime is called “Crowd Hacking”. The Ra-llet Signal Shield Debit and Credit Card protectors are an easy solution against this crime.

The Ra-llet credit card signal shields uses RFID blocking or electronic field technology to make sure your information is invisible to RFID hackers. These credit card signal shields never need batteries or charging. We suggest two Ra-llet Signal Shield per wallet. The signal shields contain a microchip that detects scanners and creates “white noise” to mask your information as well as a signal blocking component, giving you double the protection.